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I'm currently in the slooow process of making a new blog/online writing portfolio. One of the themes is about how and why the world perceives Americans the way they do. I'd be your bestest friend in the whole wide world if you could please contribute! Here's an email I sent out to some so far:

I'm writing articles/stories about the stereotypes that the world,
particularly non-American Westerners (Europeans, Canadians, Ozzies, Kiwis, etc.),
have about the U.S. Some are probably quite true. Some are way off,
but the point is to explore why these stereotypes came about and how
much truth there is to them. I'll post them on a new blog as I

If you have 5 minutes to spare, could you please tell me any
experiences that you've either had with an American or in the States
(if you have ever been) that left you with a bad taste about the
U.S.A. OR something that you think is uniquely American and/or quirky
(it doesn't have to be negative)?

What I'm looking for are detailed quotes of specific examples that can
show why the world laughs at, pities or scoffs at the U.S.A. Think of
it as a research project for me: you give me a topic (your experience
with American culture), I'll do some homework and write about it.

Bad Quote Example:
"I met an American guy who didn't know where the Rocky Mountains are."
This is too general and could just mean that the guy you talked to was
not the brightest Crayon in the box, and not necessarily because of
his culture.

Good Quote Example:
"I had a layover in the Los Angeles International Airport and was
looking for a book about history or politics to read for my next
flight, but all the bookstore had were books on U.S. history and
This is a very credible since it can't be refuted and most Americans
would never notice something like this if it weren't brought to
his/her attention.

Thanks A LOT as this is really important to me and hopefully to someone
who might read this in the future! Sorry this is SO long!!
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At 20:04, Blogger Kat said...

Sounds interesting!
For British people, I think a lot of kids grow up with a generally negative view of Americans due to their families negative assosiations that are (partly) connected to the war. I remember my Grandparents telling me about their expereinces with GIs that they met and commenting that they were "far too sure of themselves" i think this stems from Americans generally being unreserved and confident and says as much about British people than it does about Americans.
i went to America to visit Florida when I was about 10-did the whold DisneyLand thing. My family was strook with how much bigger things were there-the food portions, the buildings, the roads. A consequence of having more space i suppose. I don't remember any negative expereinces really...
I think from a British persective we enjoy scorning the US for not having such a long history and tradition as we do...but this is just British pomposity.
One of my JTEs recently told me that she used to like American culture and want to go there...but now she dislikes Bush and they way that "America thinks they're number one"
Hope this helps! ^_^    

At 01:16, Blogger Cee Pee said...

Thanks so much Kat. I've had a few of my JTE's say almost the exact same thing about not liking the US anymore b/c of Bush. grrrrrr. hehehe    

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