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My year of teaching English in Japan is up. Next mission: backpack Asia before going home to the U.S.A. Currently HOME!

Sayonara Nihon

I've mailed my stuff home, received all my cash from work, said goodbye to friends and co-workers, packed my backpack, made my farewell speeches, got my next trip ready, went bonkers a few times, organized everything for my successor, started my new blog (but, its not ready to be shown to anyone yet. sorry for the delay!); and have answered the, "What are you going to do next?" question a million times. I suppose I should probably spell it out on my blog too. The answer is, I don't have any concrete plans, just ideas in my noggin.

All I know is that I'm about to backpack Eastern Asia for the next couple months or so, until my money runs out. This is what I've got so far (these details will probably bore the JETS who might be reading this, so this is mainly for the peeps back home):

  • Selena (another JET) and I are taking the boat to Qingdao, China on July 22.

  • We'll make our way to Beijing

  • From Beijing, Selena and I will split up and I'll go down to Tianjin to meet up with Jaime (a friend from home) who's studying abroad there

  • We'll go to Shanghai and explore some towns along the way

  • From Shanghai, I'll fly to Singapore, Jamie will fly back to Florida

  • Once I get to Singapore, I won't have any plans or schedules. I'm totally up for anything...

  • Get scuba certified in Malaysia?

  • Take massage classes in Thailand?

  • Learn organic farming in Laos?

  • Volunteer in Cambodia?

  • My flight back to the States leaves from Saigon, Vietnam. I got an around the world ticket, but am sticking to Asia and North America, so it only takes me to Hong Kong, Los Angeles (maybe visit the family?), Dallas, then to Jacksonville, Florida

  • PHEW!! Recover from jet lag, curl up and die.

  • Spend time at home, eat lots of damn good food (get ready Lili), deal with reverse culture shock (have shampoo bottles always been that big?!?), catch up with friends (Mandarin Ale house, anyone?) , etc...
  • Find a job! I'm looking at magazine companies in particular, but anything in marketing will do. If you're reading this, and have heard of anything opening up in Jacksonville, could you please keep me in mind?

These are mainly juust ideas. Who knows? I may run out of money the 2nd week I get to China! Regardless, there will start be something to look forward to and that's going home. All I can say, is that the next few days are going to be exciting. :) I will be blogging during my trip, so be sure to keep checking it because I probably won't be sending emails.

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At 10:57, Blogger goongirl said...

Hey, miss you already. Love you.
And I WON'T forget you spazzamatazz.    

At 22:59, Blogger Kat said...

awww we didnt get to say a propher goodbye but theyre overrated anyway ^_= we had some great times hun! YES meetings, gotcha nights, hanging at the mall...great knowing you chris, you're a fab girl! Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures XX    

At 16:37, Blogger tito said...

good luck padone, stay safe    

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