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My year of teaching English in Japan is up. Next mission: backpack Asia before going home to the U.S.A. Currently HOME!

Lauren's here!

Sorry for my lack of blogging lately. My friend from home, Lauren, is visiting me, so we’ve been spending most our time catching up and what not. We still crack up when we think about how we became friends and how happy we are that we kept in touch. Lauren was my roommate in London 2 years ago when we were studying abroad. She just so happened to do another study abroad program in Tokyo and came all the way to the ‘Guch to visit me. What have we been getting up to? The same antics as usual. Taking day trips, eating lots of good junk food (strawberry Pocky and I’ve got her addicted to my fave Indian restaurant), teasing each other..yaddi-yaddi-yadda.

I think that she’s liking how much more laidback Tokuyama is compared with Tokyo. We went to the beach and watched some Japanese people windsurfing until some Russian guys invited us for a friendly game of volleyball. Random, huh? Another JET in that area, Tammy, took us to a little sandwich joint and later that night, we met up for a beer garden (all you can eat and drink) and karaoke. This is exactly how I remembered Japan to be like when I first got here last summer. Lots of eating and drinking at izakayas and beer gardens, being outdoors, and just being around lots of good people. I love being here in the summer!

Besides lounging around, we watched Japan play Croatia at a restaurant around my place. Just like many other things, most of the Japanese there were FANATICAL about the game. War paint, jerseys, flags, air horns, chanting and all.
It was funny to watch them until the game ended and we all realized that team Japan sort of blew it. No score. No glory. It didn’t end our fun though because we all went outside to the big square and laughed at the drunken guys.

The stereotype is true: Japanese people cannot hold their liquor. 2, maybe 3 drinks tops, and their off their red faces, yelling, grabbing each other and making hilarious fools out of themselves. It’s not uncommon to see nudity at some point, as we did that night. As Lauren put it, there were, “Man-ginas.”

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At 10:12, Blogger Karen said...

i put up three partially nude guys on my blog. Hahahah. One of them is of you holding a cup of moscow mule against a guy's chin-chin. OMG, and i hope that wasn't MY cup. Hahahah.

i think i'll e-mail you the other photos. you know, the ones that aren't really flickr appropriate. you can decide what you want to do with them.

btw, yuki broke her toe that night. maybe while we were dragging her? =X    

At 10:26, Blogger Peupty Pants said...

HAHA Looks like you and Lauren are having SO much fun! I am getting excited for our adventure around China in August!! Poke Lauren in the neck for me!    

At 08:28, Blogger J-girl said...

It's amazing how different a Japan you are living in than me. It's like two completely different worlds!    

At 18:20, Blogger Cee Pee said...

karen, those guys prolly love you forver for having photographed evidence of their drunken stupidity. poor yuki.

jamie, i poked lauren several times for you.

cindi, i think it might stem from the fact that you are married with kids, among other things (we live in completely different places, schools, etc.). but, one thing ive noticed about jet, is that even with people who have similar circumstances, JET experiences seem to still always be wildly different.    

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