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I quit

I quit my job today.

I couldn't take it anymore. Today, I tried sorting out all the final details about my family coming in May. My supervisor has known they are coming since last November, so all I had to do was fill in the blanks--exact dates, where we'll stay, etc.--to get everything sorted at work. At least that's what i thought. But, guess what he decided to pull on me? He said that there's a mandatory meeting on one of the days when my family and I are supposed to be in Tokyo. So, I told him I'd just use paid holiday. He then goes on about how it's one of the few days of the year that teachers SHOULD NOT take off unless it was an absolute emergency because all these big-wigs from the PTA were coming to evaluate the school (why the hell is my school chosen to do this?). Ok, long story short....he lost his temper in a very Japanese way: sucked through his teeth, tilted his head, mumbled under his breathe...all signaling that what I was asking for was, basically impossible.

You guys, I lost it.

When I realized that there was just no compromising with him, I told him that I wasn't coming to work, whether I had the day off or not. This is where it gets heavy. All of the teachers, at this point, have stopped pretending to look busy and are now starting to talk and dissuade me. One of the teachers, who i don't even know well at all, grabbed me while i tried to walk into the hallway to collect my thoughts. He started walking into me until i backed into the wall--he might as well have just pushed!!!! Seeing how I was cornered, I decided to quit.

So, yea. I'm leaving Japan, and have to move back into my parent's house until I find another job. I have a month until my visa runs out, so I have to be on a plane out of the country within that time. I'm sorry that some of you guys have to find out this way, and i would tell you in person, but I know that I might not see some of you before I leave.

This is the WORST day I've had in Japan!!!! I don't know what to do. If you're reading this, then you're obviously a friend and I'd really appreciate it if you'd leave a comment. Thanks.
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At 05:51, Blogger Cee Pee said...

APRIL FOOL'S!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahahah...suckas!!!!! ;)

p.s. yea, i know this is a bit late, but the japanese don't really celebrate it, so i forgot about it until today.

hope i didn't scare ya (especially mom and dad..no i'm not coming home..hahaha) :)    

At 06:21, Blogger Karen said...

ROFL. I was about to suggest throwing you a little Tokuyama-style farewell party.

I totally forgot about April Fool's Day. I was planning on scaring my mother with the whole "I'm pregnant with twins" and "I'm an alcoholic" crap, but I guess I'll have to wait until next year.    

At 18:41, Blogger Peupty Pants said...

OMG!!! LOL I am SOOOOO glad that was a joke!! I was feeling REALLY bad for you! Plus I was worried that I was going to be traveling China and Japan in August all alone, lol! Good one! Miss you!(This is Jamie, by the way!)    

At 20:02, Blogger alex said...

Haha, no way I could believe you would quit! You blog shows how much fun you are having ;)    

At 20:03, Blogger goongirl said...

I knew it was arpil fools when I saw the date. TWAT! haha    

At 00:39, Blogger laura said...

Wow, I was really worried until I noticed the date at the top! I entirely forgot about April Fool's!!    

At 06:01, Blogger Louise said...

Oh god I must be the only one but I completely didn't click and was about to give you a ring all worried! doh    

At 07:17, Blogger Daniel said...


Congratulations. I was going to do one myself, but it would have been to obvious if I had done one.


At 08:18, Blogger Cee Pee said...

Karen: let's throw a tokuyama party anyway?! we can rent a "wholesome" movie and drink some chou-hiis!

Jaime: who else could possibly be Peupty? ;) I'll see your crazy ass in China my dear!!

Alex: what can i say? I'm a bad liar!

Steph: yea, yea, yea... TWAT!

Laura: i forgot it myself, so it's kinda foul that i did it late. oops!

Louise: your a lamb for wanting to call. :) geez, i feel slightly guilty!

Danimal: no, i prolly wouldnt believe you, but it;s fun to try! p.s. i wanna put that zenzen pic of my love for simon, but i can't find a scanner i can use. :(    

At 22:55, Blogger Karen said...

actually i wanted to throw you a party because things in tokuyama have been pretty dead recently (recently as in for the past 8 months since i've been here). but hell, we don't need a reason to party in tokuyama, do we? :)

well.... whenever you're free let's have one! i can always make time for chu-hi's and "wholesome movies"!!!    

At 02:05, Blogger beckyyyy said...

i was totally sucked in...there i was thinking u had some kind of crazy temper we never knew about!!!    

At 02:16, Blogger goongirl said...

manuel imagine if you had really quit you'd be chasing those trucks.


At 23:36, Blogger Cee Pee said...

Karen: your on!n hopefully this time you can join us on our Uno tournament...battle til the death my friend....or loser can just buy winner gyoza

Beck: if u guys only knew that i raise hell at work everyday and karate-chop the kocho-sensei right before the morning meeting.


the last thing I wanna do is go back to Beverry Hirrs to catch the work trucks and pick tomoatos.


At 05:46, Blogger nowinihon said...

you dick!!! i just read this entry ... a long time after april 1ST. i completely believed it.. a little tear was forming in my eye    

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