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My year of teaching English in Japan is up. Next mission: backpack Asia before going home to the U.S.A. Currently HOME!

"Food" I've Eaten in Asia

Don't hate.

1.) raw horse
2.) raw pig ears
3.) raw whale
4.) raw chicken (bird flu?)
5.) raw eggs
6.) raw squishy sea urchin
6.) every type of raw seafood you can possibly imagine (too many to list here)
7.) squid on a stick
8.) kimchi (fermented cabbage, smells like a fart, but tastes good and spicy)
9.) natto (fermented soybeans, super stringy, smells and tastes like a fart)
10.) boiled octopus
11.) whale bacon
12.) pickled everything (think of any veggie right now..yup, I've probably had it pickled)
13.) fish eggs of all shapes, colors and sizes
14.) seaweed and spaghetti
15.) fish flakes and pizza
16.) sweet red beans in every dessert form imaginable
17.) quail eggs
18.) grilled buffalo
19.) seaweed salad
20.) This space is reserved for raw blowfish--a local delicacy--which I've been dying to try, or trying then dying..I dunno which will come first. ;)

While I'm all about trying new things, and I haven't regretted anything I've eaten, I had to stop myself from trying dog in Korea (and I won't eat whale again b/c of the obvious environmental implications). I got to draw the line somewhere!
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At 09:15, Blogger Karen said...

You have to go to the Philippines and try balut (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balut) before you leave Asia. :)    

At 17:02, Blogger Turning Japanese said...

Karen, I looked at your balut link and was almost sick. Have you eaten one?    

At 20:09, Blogger Turning Japanese said...

Oh also Cee Pee... Is that a list of things you have tried or things you like???
You should try jellyfish (have you tried it already?). It is actually good.
I eat and enjoy so many things now... not much surprises me. I still ask what some things are though. I will try almost anything but I want to know what it is first!    

At 00:35, Blogger laura said...

You should come down to Shimonoseki and eat fugu with us! There's karage style fugu which is really good too!    

At 04:16, Blogger Cee Pee said...

ohmigosh Karen..that is f-in disgusting. have u eaten before?!?

Ellen, it's a list of things i've tried...but i've "liked" (more like, it was edible and didn't make me naseaous) most of it. i know what ya mean..jellyfish isn't bad, but sea urchin is a different story!

yea Laura! just give me the word!    

At 21:52, Blogger goongirl said...

Fancy some monkey or tiger cock? Boar's balls hotpot. Come to honkers you'll love it if eating the bizarre floats your boat!    

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