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My year of teaching English in Japan is up. Next mission: backpack Asia before going home to the U.S.A. Currently HOME!

Happy Sweet Heart Memory!

Happy Valentine's Day! I completely forgot about the holiday until some ladies at school gave me some tokochoko (friend chocolate). For western women, Valentine's Day in Japan is easy to forget because women aren't given presents by their boyfriends, fiances or husbands. Instead, tradition has left the work to women so that they give whoever they like a gift. Like so many Japanese things, there isn't much deviation from the norm as to what the present can be. It's almost always chocolate. I thought that this was a male-confectionary-conspiracy until a Japanese friend explained that men return the favor on March 14, White Day. Japanese women can expect their lovey-dovey boyfriends to woo them while digging their little fingers in a bowl of marshmallows. It's the Japanese approach to romance.

P.S. I finally caught a cold..pretty impressive considering that I've been surrounded by gas mask-wearing-snot-rocket kids all flu season. Please send all your "Get Well" cards, balloons, chocolates and unrequited love letters to the address below. Arigato!
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At 22:09, Blogger Karen said...

Ahhhh....did you also know that on White Day the fellas are supposed to give back a present 3x the value of the present they were given on Vday?

Hm...now where can I find a $100 box of chocolates in Tokuyama...

P.S. GET WELL!!    

At 22:34, Blogger goongirl said...

Ese! Oh no chook. I am sorry to hear that! Look after yourself. You gotta be in tip top shape for snowboarding this weekend!    

At 20:11, Blogger tito said...


me and my woman went here...chek out entrees on page 3...we got the last 2    

At 08:15, Blogger Strandan said...

Hi christine, hope it's okay that i'm here too now...!
Just wanted to read what you and your friends are writing..! ;)
Take care, miss you!


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