Tales From A Broad

My year of teaching English in Japan is up. Next mission: backpack Asia before going home to the U.S.A. Currently HOME!

Back in Bangkok

Despite my plans to go straight to Cambodia right after New Years, I ditched them to meet up with Jesper. He's the Swedish culprit behind my dissappearing act on New Years. After a couple more days on the beach (I stayed at a nice retreat that had yoga, meditation, tofu dinners and other hippie things) we met up in Bangkok. We mainly stuck to Koh Saon Road which is kind of a backpacker's cult. Internet cafes, pubs, massage parlors, street vendors and fake Nikes line the street, tempting travelers to buy everything. My trip was coming to an end. :(
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At 03:30, Blogger Turning Japanese said...

is the second photo jesper???    

At 04:29, Blogger Stubby said...

Yeah, I'm also curious :-)    

At 00:17, Blogger Cee Pee said...

yess.... (#^_^#)    

At 01:56, Blogger goongirl said...

You little saucy minx!
Has he got a hot brother?    

At 16:47, Blogger tito said...

who is this clown...looks like pootietang    

At 07:55, Blogger Strandan said...

Haha, yes the second photo is me..!

And yes, i got a brother! ;)

but why tito, why...    

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