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My year of teaching English in Japan is up. Next mission: backpack Asia before going home to the U.S.A. Currently HOME!

Unidentified Flying Object

This is Hannah, a fellow JET in Tokuyama and my British partner in crime. Together, we unearth Japan's little English blunders like the title for this bowl of instant ramen noodles. We wondered what other unidentified objects were flying in that murky, MSG-ridden broth. I bought it anyway and marveled at the rate at which the shriveled bine shrimp and fried tofu grew in hot water.

This is not a fluke. The Japanese fail to doublecheck anything that they publish in English. Billboards, commercials, t-shirts, among other things, usually contain illogical and humiliating English for the person responsible for it.

My all time favorites:
1.) "Yours Asse" --The name of the grocery store in the Hiroshima train station is fully equipped with meat byproducts and raw tuna. Can get quite stuffy in there.
2.) "'Thuggish, Ruggish Bone' by the gangsta rap group Bone, Thugs 'N Harmony" --The song playing, uncensored, over the intercom in Max Value, Japan's equivalent of Wal-Mart. Hannah picked up her 50 liter bottle of Herbal Essence as Krayzie Bone damned all ghettos across the world.
3.) "Everybody get something to hide except me and my monkey. She knowes it, but she dosen't. Because she loves life, culture, song, boys, girls. Get your special." --The directory and map at Sunmall and, yes, that is exactly how they spelled it.
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At 11:25, Blogger tito said...

holy crapploa....you have some serious stuff on this blog...

on this side of the world... krusties are the shit    

At 21:20, Blogger Victoria said...

Hi Christine-
I don't know if we formally met, but I'm glad to see you joined the yamaguchi blogging world. Check mine out if you're bored at work :) Welcome aboard!    

At 21:48, Blogger Lauren said...

Hi Christine! We met and chatted at orientation, so thought I'd say 'hey'! Ive been back home in England for the last few weeks, but am looking forward to meeting up with you Tokuyama peeps (im 30 mins away) properly soon. Like Victoria, feel free to check out my blog too.    

At 22:35, Blogger J-girl said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Nice pic of you in Steph's chicken hat. Speaking of El Diablo, she has promised not to wear any chickens to the Shrimp Championships this weekend, (although she will no doubt show up in some other interesting gear).    

At 22:43, Blogger goongirl said...

cindi, after that comment the gimp mask is definitely coming out.    

At 04:41, Blogger Kat said...

Indeed, welcome Christine! I'm glad you're amused by the random Japanese butchering of English, it will enrich your time here! I saw a tshirt today saying "I HATE LIARS" Gold.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!    

At 08:28, Blogger boredatwork said...

Awesome blog...that Moshu Beef blog could use some pointers.    

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